Is a Scam?

Friday, July 12, 2013 Scam? Scam?

Is a Scam?

When you visit one of the webpages try not to take it too seriously rather than asking is a scam or legit better to ask yourself if you want to throw money away on foolishness because all the sites associated with are bullshit. Make sure if you’re going to sign up that you read their fine print or read their terms and condition make sure you review and go over it once or twice because all those women on those sites are usually fakes and what they’ll do is they’ll pay people to talk to you or they’ll have automated bots with female faces that will initiate chat conversations so you’ll upgrade and waste money.

It’s not worth it I would avoid and it’s recommendations at all costs the only legit adult sex dating website is the AdultFriendFinder and my recommendation of AdultFriendFinder stems from me actually reviewing it. It’s been 7+ months and based on my results and the people I’ve met and success I’ve had using AdultFriendFinder there’s no way I could ever call them a scam. Based on my review which is ongoing by the way because I’m not going to cancel my membership until I’m not successful AdultFriendFinder is the real deal.

With that said allow me to point out that I know some of readers are married and don’t want to deal with the whole physical contact or meeting strange people thing for those of you looking for live webcam sex chat Live Jasmine  is probably a better option for you, the won’t spam you o scam you, two way audio find who you want chat on webcam.

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