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Here we go again… If you received a spam email from chances are you’re reading this. Based on my reviews it appears that is a rogue affiliate of I personally recommend filing a spam complaint like I did so you won’t get anymore spam emails from

I’m not sure if the domain name is and affiliate of or not, I’m not exactly sure of the realtionship going on there however if you go to is pretty obvious that it’s the exact same as Is it legit, yes is legit based on my review, however you might want be careful when joining through or any Russia Women Online variations because they could be sending you to a fraudulent company running some kind of hoax or scam.

It can be rather expensive getting into international dating plus your personal or private information can be compromised and/or used against you if you’re dealing with a fraudulent foreign organization. As I’ve often said the mail order bride industry online can be a waste of time if you use it in the wrong way. When you’re an American citizen and you join a mail order bride service the whole point is to meet this foreign woman in person, don’t get caught up in all these online chats, or sending messages with pictures attached to them. A lot of fraud companies dangle a picture a hot Russian model in front of you that you can never meet.

Pictures can be deceiving and web based chat can be deceiving as well, this is why there are people that aren’t fans of or for that matter. Try to remember that is not an American company, they don’t follow the same laws as we do here and well all I’m saying is be careful if you’re going to join them . Based on my reviews of they’re a scam however I’m not going to call a scam just yet even though seems to be affiliated with who sent me the spam email messages. I’ve reported the spam emails I will see if I get anymore until then I’m not going to call a scam, I wouldn’t exactly call them legit either based on my review I will keep a neutral stance and recommend a company I just think is better based on my personal use of it.

I’ve been a huge advocate of A Foreign Affair, part of the reason I started this blog was because of A Foreign Affair which does things in my opinion a lot better. Reasons some people don’t like A Foreign Affair is because it can be rather expensive. If money is tight A Foreign Affair probably isn’t for you right now, I hate excluding people reading my posts but if you can’t afford the A Foreign Affair tours that can cost thousands of dollars pass on this for now, it’s one of the reasons that more mature men use A Foreign Affair.

Why did I choose A Foreign Affair and why am I such a big supporter of theirs two words “THE WOMEN” not just the Ukrainian, Russian or Latin women but the Filipina women as well. Are all the women perfect 10’s no but most of them are, and seeing pictures and actually being there where the sexual tension is in many instances obvious is two completely different things. I have to mention that I have yet to go on the Chinese tour. However the Latin tours Colombia, Peru Amazing, Ukraine unbelieveable the Philippines AMAZING there’s nothing like it. Don’t let me stop you from joining, however I do think if you can afford it A Foreign Affair is a lot better.

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