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So here’s the thing with what people have to understand, currently, all over the world, there’s a concerted effort to tackle the human trafficking problem. Now, for many of you that don’t get it, this is the main reason why I frequently write about premium services. This often flies over people heads, but I’m trying to educate my readers that the net is maturing and what maturity means is that it’s in your best interests in certain respects to join premium services even if it’s just out keeping yourself out of trouble.

Is a scam? In my opinion, NO!, Based on my reviews DoubleList is legit, however, it’s playing a very dangerous game. If you’re reading this are you familiar with the story? Well, now belongs to the FBI, they made the mistake of being a 100% free service that catered to the adult community. Now unlike adult services like the Mofos Network in which every profile is validated, Backpage had some trouble happening on their service, that they refused to do anything about.

Now, I get their side of the story, I don’t want Chinese style censorship on the net, however, this is why there are country clubs, memberships and other exclusive PRIVATE places that people go to, to get away from being associated with the lowest people in society. So this is the problem that faces and this is why I tell people all the time consider joining  AdultFriendFinder.

Now, when you join  AdultFriendFinder you’ll do exactly what I did when you join and start to ask yourself why aren’t there more features, well the answer is simple, regulations and legalities my friend, when you’re running a legitimate business the last thing you want is for the government to kick down your door for human trafficking claims. I’ve written about AdultFriendFinder for years because of the success rate, it’s undeniable at this point.


That aside it’s come to my attention that many of my readers are simply looking for someone real to chat with right now and for that demand Jasmin Live has addressed all your needs and thee are some of the sites, that you should support because these sites go out of their way within the confines of the law to make the demands of the market. If you join don’t be surprised if Double List bans you for no reason, yes in many respects they can be a waste of time, which is why you won’t want to exert too much energy with them.

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