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Basically based on my reviews is a promotional site that in most of it’s web pages is promoting Asia Charm. based on my reviews I wouldn’t call Asian charm or legit, they’re similar to a lot of scam sites I’ve written about in past post which is why they need to do deceptive promoting to get people to sign up. As an example, if you go to directly you’ll notice there’s nothing there as of August 2018, however, if there are a bunch of web pages on that ask some scammy questions.

Like this

Our Gorgeous Asian Single Ladies Want To Meet Older Gentlemen.
Who are you?

Man Woman

regardless of your answer, all the remainder of the questions is the same. Bottom line and the point I’m trying to make is if you want to sign up for a legitimate international dating website with Asian women you’ll want to consider trying A Foreign Affair .

What separates A Foreign Affair from all the other international dating site is A Foreign Affair focuses on actually meetings and romance tours. It’s not just some random dating website with pictures of fake members or employees who will message you just so you’ll sign up. No, at A Foreign Affair you can actually meet the person in the picture.

Now, one thing I have to warn you about A Foreign Affair is that just because a member is there today, doesn’t mean they’ll be there tomorrow, because the harsh reality about A Foreign Affair is that the guys that actually go to see the women are the guys that get the women. The guys that sit at home and do nothing will get nothing because at A Foreign Affair these women are typically hungry to find a partner which is why many of the A Foreign Affair members will pay to have their pictures taken professionally.

This is why I tell guys don’t assume that just because a girl is messaging you, don’t assume that she’s not being messaged and possibly visited by other guys. Try to remember that at  A Foreign Affair has a lot of members with a lot of money so in many instances when they find someone they like they’ll go and meet them at the earliest romance tour.

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