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Is a scam?

So if you go to the website directly as of the date of this blog posts you’ll notice that there’s nothing there, however as you’d know already it has several webpages, that are designed to ask you questions to sign you up for some scammy fraudulent dating website. So if you were greeted by a webpage that stated something like what you can read and see below on

Is a Scam?

Is a Scam?

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Yes, these are the webpages I’m referring to. Now is a scam? I’d call it a promotional page, neither legit or scam based on my reviews, however, what I will say is a scam are dating scammy dating websites like Instead of wasting your time wondering if a profile is legit or not, it’s smarter to skip the nonsense and sign up with Live Jasmin.

The difference with Live Jasmin is that you won’t have to question if the members are real, fakes or bots, when you go to Live Jasmin see and image, click on the image it will lead you right to the profile of the member you’re interested in. You can chat live and get to know each other, why waste hours, days, weeks wondering if a profile is legit or a scam? join a legitimate live sex web chat that has nothing to hide.

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