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There’s another scammer to report on this time the scammer is using the domain. Like most of these scams, what happens based on my reviews is you’re asked a series of questions, your answer doesn’t matter much, because in the end you’ll be sent to a fraudulent dating website like or something similar, so the page you might land on, might say something like the following:

Be cautious!
Before you’re able to respond to any received messages you need to answer 3 short questions so we can be sure you are eligable for this site.

Apologies for our strictness.

Because of unexpected high popularity of our site we need to be very strict in our selection procedure.


Blah, blah blah if you sign up to one of their offers or fake dating websites basically they’ll try to get you to join one of their fraudulent sex dating websites which have a so many fake members that you won’t know who is real from whose fake, this is why I say they’re not legit and a scam, the worst part being that even their live webcam sex chat services may have profiles that aren’t legit. A legit live webcam sex chat service like Jasmin Live has nothing to hide so when you land on their website what you’ll see right away is that the persons you see in the pictures are available for immediate live webcam sex chat.

What makes Jasmin Live such a great option compared to is because when join you’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake, you’re not sure who is real and who is fake. Compare that with Jasmin Live and you’ll immediately get the gist of what I’m saying.

Now, if what you’re looking for is a legit sex dating website based on my reviews on AdultFriendFinder as worked for me. I’ve done the testing, unlike other so-called review sites, I’ve actually tried these sites and to date AdultFriendFinder is the only one that’s worked, I think people forget that most of the scam dating websites got inspired by the success of AdultFriendFinder which began in Cali.  Anyway I’m done with this topic you can join the recommendations at your own risk.

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