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Is a Scam?

If you go directly to the domain, you’ll notice that nothing is there. Well to keep this post as short as possible, based on my reviews is a promotional domain, which promotes a variety of dating websites, many of whom are scams. If you want to join any of them that’s up to you, but based on my reviews of the dating websites that is promoting like or which employs fake members using a variety of different methods like fake pictures, fake profiles, etc.

You can join those scam dating websites associated with if you want, but you may want to consider joining Jasmin Live which is a live webcam sex chat service. What makes Jasmin Live standout is their platform and their abundance of members willing to chat on live webcam. Jasmin Live has nothing to hide and what you’ll notice on Jasmin Live is that the pictures of the members you see will lead directly to the members’ live webcam, which allows you to know that the person you’re interested in chatting with is, in fact, a real person.

If you’re looking for a legit adult sex themed dating website I recommend AdultFriendFinder which based on my reviews is the only sex-themed dating website that I reviewed that actually gave me results. AdultFriendFinder is not a new sex dating website, I think they’ve been online since 1996.

My review involved a full profile and the review was for 3 months and I got results within the second month, AdultFriendFinder is definitely legit, but it is a dating website and APP so your location and profile will play a factor in your success rate.

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