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Why Brittany Renner’s tell-all book isn’t that interesting in 2018

To start the main reason I’m writing this is that as many of you know I’ve been following the Colin Kaepernick story regarding his football career, politics aside as of 2018, I’m not sure why he hasn’t found a job yet. Nike signed him, I don’t think people are as emotionally charged towards him as they were before and well, a whole bunch of other athletes have staged similar protests and nobody seems to care. So to me, it would be a good time for an NFL team to capitalize off of Colin Kaepernick.

That aside I was sidetracked into the Brittany Renner tell-all book and because most of my time is spent in the adult entertainment industry I thought how Brittany Renner chose to promote herself was rather odd. Maybe because she wanted to detail the raw uncut truth of her interactions with athletes to give her audience a deeper look into what happened or maybe because she wanted to stand out from the similar, familiar model personalities that did the same thing prior. Either way, it’s rather boring and kind of lame.

It’s interesting that your thoughts can shape the way people perceive you. In parts of her tell-all book, she comes across as rather desperate, especially when it comes to Ben Simmons and Colin Kaepernick. when it came to Colin Kaepernick he made her pay to fly out to come to see him, which is a win, win if you’re Colin Kaepernick. To be perfectly honest if I were Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend and I read about this, I’d be rather impressed with him.

What this does it kind of shows Brittany Renner’s desperation to get attention, which isn’t really attractive to men or women. I can understand if you’re in the same city as someone and you “just happen” and have a sexual encounter but if you’re already a supposed IG Model celebrity and you’re desperately seeking the attention of other celebrities, it kind of shows that your modeling career isn’t going anywhere, because in all of this you have to remember that it’s not like she was only pursuing Colin Kaepernick there are a bunch of others.

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