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Is a scam?

If you go to directly as of the date of this publication, you’ll notice that there’s nothing there. With that said you’re reading this blog post most likely because of an advertisement that sent you to an international dating website I think is a scam which is So based on my reviews, is not legit or a scam, it’s a promotional website with webpages that point to websites. What I will say is I do think is a scam, not legit. If you’re looking for a legit international dating website well you’ll want to consider trying A Foreign Affair which based on my reviews is the real deal.

What really separates A Foreign Affair from all others is the fact that A Foreign Affair has actual meetups where you can meet the women in the pictures, I advise you that when you sign up for A Foreign Affair that you attend their singles tours because the reality of the situation is that if you don’t the men who do will talk to the women who attend. Chatting with someone online is nothing like meeting that person in the flesh.

When you physically attend one of the A Foreign Affair singles tours it’s an indication to the women that you’re the real deal and not some faker hiding behind a computer. I will add that A Foreign Affair also has online communications as well as phone communications, but I seriously think that when you join A Foreign Affair your main objective should be to meet in person. The problem with websites like Victoriahearts is that you don’t know which members are real and which are fakes, so I don’t recommend you join them.

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