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Are Reviews Legit or Scams? Reviewed

As many of my readers know, I’m not a fan of Google AdWords and Google Adsense a long time ago, I tried to promote a business I was involved with via Google Adwords and I was banned because according to Google I was in violation of the terms of service, no clear explanation was ever given to me, but the sites I still see being promoted on Google Adwords are often promoting scams dating website, that don’t have any legitimate testimonials. Some of the main international dating websites being promoted by like, which isn’t a real dating website btw it leads to,,, and all of these international dating websites are all bottom of the barrel if you ask me.

Yet, is able to operate without any problems with Google Adwords. This is why I stopped trusting these big companies a long time ago because all they do is pick winners and losers. If you go to a legitimate international dating introductions service like A Foreign Affair, you’ll notice a big difference, the big difference is when you join A Foreign Affair, is their focus on meeting in person, now, consider joining the international dating websites being promoted by you’ll notice that their focus is mainly on trying to get you to sign up for their online services.

I write and recommend A Foreign Affair because you can actually meet international single and their singles tours, plus when you join A Foreign Affair you can see and read actual real testimonials from real members if you look at the reviews on the  website you’ll notice that they’re not even real, most are fake, the  website and domain aren’t even that old. Now, obviously they can build a website if they want but what irritates me is that Google acts like it only allows the best advertisers when this isn’t true.

Sign up for the recommendations if you want, but I certainly don’t recommend it and you’re reading something from a person who has years of experience in the international dating industry.

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