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I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding Now based on my reviews it’s pretty easy to see that it’s legit and not a scam. But most of the questions I get revolve around comparison and how it stacks up next to some of the other similar hentai type of sites. Now we have to first add that although a large network isn’t the largest of this type. But one of the things that I appreciate with is that they take careful care with your security. Reviews Reviews

As many of you know I’ve been making it a theme to write about site security. A lot of these new cartoon and 3d porn sites aren’t including proper security into their sites and many of them are open sourced also. This bothers me with other sites however appears to have that portion of their service secured.

Another thing I have to point out is the amount of webpages has. They have a lot of different webpages where users can sign up and based on posts I’ve written about, this can come across as a bit scam-ish. All I can say is I’m not the owner of and I can tell them how to run their business. It’s been proven that different landing pages work on different people and the truth is that cartoon porn industry is extremely competitive, a lot of my favorite toon porn sites no longer exist in 2018 Scam?

Is a Scam?

With that said I don’t know what the future holds for a lot of people have written them off I’m kind of on the fence, when you join them you see that they have a lot of different options that you as a user can take advantage of. Now as many of you know my taste for 3d porn has sort of evolved, based on what I know coming down the pipe from my resources some exciting things are in the works and I’m sure my 3d porn lovers are going to be happy with what the future holds for this arena.

Anyway bottomline here is that is not a scam, it’s legit based on my reviews. Currently no it’s not my favorite site online however it’s a good option and it’s safe, their billing is safe and you’ll get help from their staff if you need it. Now based on my reviews and I’ll update this when I have too 3d Girlfriends is currently the best. I’ve tried them all folks, also try and remember that I do factor in costs when I do my reviews, I also factor in Time and ease of use.

This is what I do most of the time and you can test the others if you want but what typically happens is after people go against what i write about they wind up giving 3d Girlfriends a try anyway and telling me I was right all along. It’s just better people. If there was better out there trust me I’d write about it. I try to be fair even to the sites I think are crap, but right now in 2018 3d Girlfriends is the best.

Now some of you may not understand the evolution of 3d Girlfriends. Well to those of you I’m sure you’ve heard of 3d Girlz. What made 3d Girlz the best is how they evolved the 3d experience however there was a downside to their evolution and that was 3d Girlz required you to download it. People said all the time we shouldn’t have to download and basically up pops 3d Girlfriends and they took things to a whole new level where honestly it’s like 3d Girlfriends showed us too much, they showed us more than we wanted to see and now we can’t go back to the boring stuff. If you’ve noticed quality has gotten better now too.

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