Archive for the ‘Anime / Cartoon Sex Videos’ Category Legit or Scam – Carolgames Reviews as of the date of this publication has 4 notable games Blade of Queen, Sexy Three Kingdoms, Girls X battle and Pocket Three Kingdoms. All 4 of those games are pretty good and in my opinion is legit and not a scam. It falls under the realm of entertainment so as long as you’re okay with their services than you should feel free to join. Personally as most people know I prefer 3d Girlfriends(18+) as I prefer better graphics and a more interactive experience. But that’s a personal choice.

Out of all the Carolgames websites based on my reviews I think that Blade of Queen is probably the best one, primarily because of the story line and how they blend everything together. It’s subjective because I can see how other people may have more interests in other sites. With that said If you’re interested in Carol games you should definitely consider trying  3d Girlfriends. Similar to how has several sites it’s associated with the people behind 3d Girlfriends also have a similar situation in place. As an example most members of 3d Girlfriends are also members of 3d Girlz which as many people know is downloadable.

The main reason why most of us prefer 3d Girlfriends is because it’s online and requires no download on the user’s part, because it’s a premium service similar to Carolgames input will be required. Again based on my reviews appears to be legitimate and not a scam. Not really my type of 3d but it works for people who are into it.

Click Here for the 3D Girlfriends website