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Based on my reviews, currently owned by Canadian Pharmacy Ltd is a website selling Viagara and other erectile dysfunction pills and related products. Its current phone numbers are 1-718-467-9792 and +4420-3239-7092. I’d call them before ordering if I were you. I can’t in good faith recommend “Pill Strength” at this time, I don’t know anything about their payment processor, and they don’t have an address on their contact us page, which is just strange considering what they’re selling.

Making matters worse is that is selling viagra and Cialis, which have side effects, and you’d be buying this from a source that is hard, if not impossible, to trace. If you’re looking for a legit way to get Longer Lasting Erections On Demand consider VigRX Plus. I’ve been writing about VigRX Plus for years now; why? Because it works for 70% of the people.

So What separates VigRX Plus from products like Pill Strength? Years of actual evidence. We do actual reviews, and the reviews are rather consistent; around 70% were happy. The majority of the healthy customers were happy, we did have some customers with preexisting conditions that were not happy with VigRX Plus.

What PillStrength is promoting, unfortunately, is unverified at this time; it’s new, and these products pop up and disappear rather frequently, whereas VigRX Plus has cleared over 1.2 million buys spanning more than a decade.

Furthermore, VigRX Plus made itself popular because of clinical studies. I don’t always trust clinical studies, that’s why we did our own reviews, but it turned out that VigRX Plus was telling truth based on our reviews. Before I forget, let’s talk about why I wrote this post in the first place.

PillStrength has no evidence to back up its claims, and they operate like a fly-by-night operation; I can’t in good faith recommend a company like this. If you’re looking for Permanent Penis Enlargement Click Here for the device that can help you do that.

If you’re looking for a legit alternative, consider visiting a proven alternative. That’s not afraid of scrutiny. I can’t claim that PillStrength si selling anything legitimate and therefore, I can’t recommend them.

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