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This stuff is usually a scam and being that all the secrets have come out that majority of these penis enlargement companies use private label to promote their products it’s wise to know who is who. In this industry it’s rather simple usually the company with the elaborate sales pitch with no substance is the scammer. Based on my reviews I wouldn’t use Peruvian brew if I were you but if you want to try it go right on ahead.

Most of you know that VigRX Plus works because I’ve written about it for years. In past writings I’ve even challenged some of you to use it knowing you’re about to get laid and tell me I wasn’t right. VigRX Plus works and it’s not part of the private label company that most of the companies are using. with that said the placebo effect can do wonders sometimes for some people so if you want to try Peruvian brew which based on my reviews isn’t worth it than go ahead. But again as I’ve stated VigRX Plus stands out because they have the medical proof and the legitimate testimonials to match their claims.

VigRX Plus does not need to get you on some unnecessary autoship program because once you actually try VigRX Plus you’ll see that it works and you’ll order once you need another batch. A lot of private label companies are not using the best ingredients there are certain steps to take. But hey what do I know if is what you want give them a try.

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