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Based on my reviews the website is legit and not a scam and it appears based on my reviews that the Tevida product seen on doesn’t exactly have the best-proven ingredients to be labeled the best testosterone boosters, based on my reviews of the Tevida ingredients it appears to be the same as many of the Privately labeled supplements on the market.

Now, when you compare Tevida to genf20 as an example, you’ll notice that on the genf20 website they can show you actual verified testimonials and proof of prior customers experiences. Also, what you’ll also notice is the willingness of genf20 to allow third parties to review their products and allow customers to leave their own reviews of genf20.

When you go to the genf20 consider scrolling down to their trust pilot reviews, notice that it says 3.5 out of 5, if you know anything about legit supplements none of them will have a higher than 4 review, in fact, having a 4 out of 5 review is rare, because results will vary, not everyone is going to follow the advice, so again I advise the reader to compare genf20 to and think for themselves which is better.

The Trial

Forget to mention that Tevida and genf20 are both Canadian companies. If you’re going to join consider reading their Trial terms prior to joining namely the section that states the following:


You will be charged a $4.95 shipping fee for Tevida at the time you order your trial of the product. A 30 day supply will be shipped. After your 16 day trial (4 days for shipping and a 12 day evaluation period) you will be charged $97.99. You will continue to be charged $97.99 every month until you cancel by phone. Our customer service can be reached at (844) 461-0925.

As long as you’re ok with their terms I guess you should order, however, they’re way more expensive than genf20 and so far no legitimate reviews if they’re any good. Based on their ingredients it appears to me that Tevida found on is an overpriced private-labeled supplement, however that doesn’t make it a scam. I will not be recommending them at this time, join at your own risk.

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