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To keep things quick and straight to the point for those of you in a rush, based on my reviews is legit and not a scam, I must add however that I don’t think that RussianWomanSite is the best option. I’m no stranger to Russian Woman Site however what I know about is that it’s actually and not, you’ll learn that once you log in or join them. So I will say is if you’re serious RussianWomanSite is a viable option but there are quite a few reasons why I think that A Foreign Affair is a much better option.

Now you all by now know that A Foreign Affair does things most of the similar services you’ll see online don’t do. A Foreign Affair as an example has a physical address a, youtube channel a radio show, email support, phone support and a dedicated team that lives and breathes international dating so whether you’re looking for an eastern European woman or an Asian woman the people at A Foreign Affair have your back.

Now there’s something that men need to understand about A Foreign Affair that some people simply don’t get and that is that at A Foreign Affair the women have a right cancel their memberships. Why I say this is that when you join A Foreign Affair don’t take it for granted that just because you see a beautiful woman today guarantees you that she’ll be there tomorrow.

Some people take A Foreign Affair and others don’t, the men of all ages that take A Foreign Affair seriously and go to the romance tours often are the ones who find success, the men who don’t do anything don’t get anything and it’s really that simple. I’ve proven to people over and over again how legitimate A Foreign Affair is, but so guys would rather fantasize and not succeed so to you all I can say is don’t waste your time.

The rest of you should consider A Foreign Affair and even if it’s not for you consider  RussianWomanSite my thing regarding Russian Woman Site is that I’m not sure which members are legit and which ones are not. When you join A Foreign Affair and as an example check out their testimonial and success pages what you’ll notice is that the same women you see in the pictures are the same women that get married, or are seen on the videos.

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