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Nightmare Gold Digger Fiancé | 90 Day Fiancé 2017 – Review

Now I’ve been writing about international for years. Jorge and Anfisa is exactly what you should not do. When you date a woman from another country pay very close attention to her age. 2 questions you want the answers to immediately, how good is her english? and is she over 24 years of age. There is this myth that women mature faster than men. This is a lie, some women mature faster than men others do not. In fact some women especially in this day in age can live 100 years on this earth without maturing mentally at all.


One the reasons most widows go broke soon after their husbands pass is because under their husband’s leadership they were able to live in their own little bubble. Because men for the most part are willing to do things for women in exchange for sex, most women mistake the good wills of men as entitlements they’re owed just for being women.

Clearly in the instance of Nightmare Gold Digger Fiancé | 90 Day Fiancé featuring Jorge and Anfisa. Jorge is as shallow as it gets and hasn’t factored in the liabilities of having a young 20 year old Russian woman for a wife. Marriages among all races are on the decline and the major reasons for this is that men know and understand the massive costs associated with marrying a woman in 21st century. Legally women have the advantage in every way possible, they have the advantage with children, with divorces, with jail time with societal support, with welfare etc. When a man with a developed brain factors all these things into play he becomes more picky.

If you’re a man whose reading this you don’t understand what I’m talking about chances are you will fall for a variation of Anfisa. Jorge and Anfisa are the extreme but there are a lot of Jorge and Anfisa’s out there, a lot of men that unfortunately will learn about the wrath of a determined woman the hard way.

First things first as many of you know based on my reviews A Foreign Affair is the best way to date internationally. But try to understand that A Foreign Affair is not just an international dating website.  A Foreign Affair is a foreign dating service which helps men to meet the women they’re interested in face to face.

Not only that  A Foreign Affair has what is called romance tours, where men don’t have to settle for Anfisa’s. Could there be the Anfisa types at  A Foreign Affair ? Yes! But you don’t have to be a Jorge and settle for them. Jorge’s mistake was taking the first attractive woman he saw. Men take heed to my words. TAKE TIME TO GET TO KNOW THE WOMEN YOU’RE INTERACTING WITH

Yes I get it, the hips, the body, the boobs the pretty face. Yes but try to think ahead, listen to her interests, listen to what she’s saying to you. What blows my mind is the fact that Jorge is a business person who seemed financially responsible. He allowed his emotions to take control. The need to have sex with her clouded his mind. Guys if you want to date internationally join A Foreign Affair and do yourselves a favor and go on at least one romance tour. It’s life changing experience.

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