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There’s another spammer to report on this time the spammer is using the domain name. I’ve again had to start reporting on the spammers bombarding my email with messages again. It stopped for a while, but they’re back at it again. If you’re wondering if is legit? The answer is no, it’s a scam it’s a fraud and it’s basically trying to get you to sign up with one of their fraudulent spam sites. In my example the spam site is trying to get me to sign up with is which is a fraudulent scam dating website that if I were you I’d stay far, far away from.

Now, if you’re looking for a legit live webcam service which is what is, it’s better to join Jasmin Live. Why? Because unlike or Jasmin Live actually allows you to see who you’ll be chatting with. How the scam work is that they’ll sucker you into joining by showing you pictures of attractive people who aren’t even real members, then you’ll sign up and be forwarded to a live webcam sex chat service, however you’ll have to pay to access it with, before you even see what the members look like. Now when it comes to Jasmin Live they’re very upfront, the moment you land on the Jasmin Live website you’ll notice that Jasmin Live has nothing to hide, the webcam users look the exact on video as they do in their pictures and you actually get free live previews.

Now, because is a crappy website they have to use spam as their means to sucker people into joining. I’d avoid them if I were you.

If you’re looking for a legit adult dating website to join, well for that, you’d consider trying AdultFriendFinder, now I have to also add the good and the bad to joining AdultFriendFinder. The good is that they’re the best sex dating website online, the bad news is that it can be time-consuming which is why AdultFriendFinder has added a lot of other features that keep you occupied in the meantime.

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