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A new spammer is spammeing yet another scam, fraudulent hoax. This time based on my reviews the spammer is using the domain name. The spammer sends a message that reads like this:

I might sound very crazy to you but I am a huuuge attention whore, that’s why I keep posting all these naked pix or other sexy pics.
Nonetheless, it’s been quite a while since I have heard a personal and honest opinion, so I thought, what if you’re the one and only who could tell me the honest truth?
Have a glance my sexy pictures and please, do not tell me that I am incredible, everybody else keeps saying that too, I wanna hear your own opinion and if you do have one, maybe I’d buy you a cup of coffee afterwards?
Looking forward to your answer.

Many kisses&hugs,
Hugs and Kisses

I delinked the spam for user safety. It’s a scam, don’t click their link it will compromise your computer.


If you’re looking for attractive webcam girls the best option is Live Jasmine, where you’ll find real models not a bunch of fake dating profiles that are only there as props to make you become an upgraded member of a fraudulent hoax dating website.


When you go to Live Jasmine all the information you need to know is right in your face and the webcam models are very accessible so you know you’re not being scammed. If you’re looking for a sex dating website the only one with mentioning is AdultFriendFinder which is great and has been online for as long as I can remember.

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