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Try not fall for the fake news, you know there’s a shift going on in the world and the more I see things, the more I’m beginning to understand why more people are becoming conservatives. Most of you know what we do here, sure we’re not perfect, but we’re at the very least consistent, you know, we keep things extremely tight here, we stay within what we know. Well on they have a scam promotion going on, a promotion that has the picture below. Scam Scam

On their webpage it currently reads the following:

EXCLUSIVE STORY: 76-Year-Old Gave 100% Of His $1,000,000 Will To His 18-Year-Old Newlywed

It goes onto say:

An 18-year-old, who married an 83-year-old Jackpot winner on his deathbed, will be the 100% beneficiary of his estate. He happened upon an amazing fortune, and it’s all going to his “love” he met 3 months ago.

Now usually I wouldn’t care, however Google, Youtube and Facebook and these other platforms have been writing about fake news and other things and they’ve come down hard on people and businesses they feel are not playing b their rules. Yet this picture Scam Scam

actually comes from, see for yourself. Yet as of December 2 2017 below is what you’ll see on Scams Scams


Now I was able to find this out easily, yet with all of Google’s resources they’ve allowed this ad on Google adwords. I know people who had their businesses destroyed when Google adwords made changes. Anyway it’s sad that we were the ones that brought this to you first. This is not even what we focus, this blog and our sites revolve around fun and bringing people together, but we had to show you guys this.

Google Adword fake News

Google Adword fake News

Be careful who you put your trust into, when things become centralized, meaning you give a lot of power to a few people or entities, they’ll soon dictate what is and is not acceptable based on their own standards. Human competition solves most problems, government’s job is to make sure the play field is leveled, leveled playing field doesn’t mean the game will be fair, but all people and entities will have a fair shot.

Fake News on Google Adwords Banner

Fake News on Google Adwords Banner