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Stayhomehub | Reviews and Alternatives

So like many of you reading this, I’m under quarantine, the period in which I’m writing this is the COIVD-19 outbreak or Coronvirus whichever you want to call it. Like many of you reading this I’m bored as hell right now and I find myself doing activities I otherwise wouldn’t be doing if I had been working a regular job.

With that aside what the porn mammoth which we all know as Pornhub has a new offer in March 2020 called Stayhomehub which in actuality is the same offer as Porn hub Premium which you can get 1 week for free.

You will not be scammed by Porn hub Premium and the only thing I’ll tell you as a subscriber myself is that when you’re a Porn hub Premium member for more than a month you begin to see the benefits in it.

Being honest, when I first say Porn hub offering a premium service, I kind of looked at it like what’s the point, right? I’m already getting free porn at porn hub why would I upgrade. Well, when you upgrade, you get access to adult entertainment you didn’t even know you wanted! That’s how they catch you, because, it’s like night and day once you become a premium Porn hub member and then what happened to me is that I look at the value I get from Porn hub Premium and then I do a comparison to Netflix.

If that comparison sounds ridiculous you’ be wrong to think that, because you pay more for Netflix and get a lot less than you do when you’re a Porn hub Premium subscriber? It’s a free trial see it for yourself and if you’re a Netflix subscriber like me notice the difference in value.

Netflix is an alternative to PornHub Premium but so is this!

As you can tell by my work on this blog, as both a global recruiter of talent I have to be a subscriber to the sources I use. As I’ve stated time and time again, Live Jasmine is the best live webcam experience online and the reason for this is their dedication to the backend portion of live cams, but you get more porn as a Porn hub Premium subscriber, although they offer more than just porn, make no mistake about it, Porn hub Premium is the largest porn site online, their network is so large that they can now target visitors.

So the way I see it and I’ve said it for years now, if you want a better glimpse into what the future looks like, be active in the adult entertainment industry, because market forces, force adult entertainment companies to be innovative.

Mainstream media outlets will not cover the innovations in the adult industry, remember when I wrote that AdultFriendFinder was the future of adult dating? Well, look at how many APPs and other traditional dating websites have basically hijacked the AdultFriendFinder platform.


I get that for some of you, you’re too young to understand that AdultFriendFinder has been online since 1996 and consider how they’ve managed to stay ahead of the curve for so long. They survived while almost all of their early competitors have failed, this is true for Porn hub Premium also.

Porn hub Premium has been forced into a position to continually innovate and that’s why when you become a member of Porn hub Premium you’ll see why they’re a far superior option to almost every single streaming service. Now, obviously you have to be an adult to be a subscriber, which separates it from Netflix, but after you join and you watch another Netflix movie, then you’ll get what I mean when I say that Porn hub Premium is light years ahead of any and all mainstream media streaming services.

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