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There’s another spammer to report on this time the spammer is using the domain name. Currently, if you go what happens is they’ll ask you a series of questions, so on their front page it states: SPAM SPAM

Welcome to the SnapChat for hookups! Lots of desperate single women are looking to exchange nude photos and hook up. Do you wish to receive nude photos from women in Toronto?no /Receive Photos!

I should point out that based on my reviews yes, of course, is a scam, it’s not legit, legit dating websites don’t have to scam you in order to get you to sign up with them. The second question will say something like this

Male members over the age of 21 receive 80% more hookup invitations than younger guys. Are you at least 21 years old?

no / Yes!

and the last question before sending you to their spammy fraudulent dating website will say this

Based on your answers, there are 127 horny women within 10 miles of New York. Please read our 3 rules now!

If you see someone you know, you are not allowed to publicize it! Do not spread rumors.
When having sex with one of our members, it is YOUR responsibility to protect yourself against STDs.
Respect the sexual desires of others members. Our users are normal women, not prostitutes or pornstars.
Failure to comply by these rules will result in the immediate termination of your account! If you agree to all the above, click the ‘GET LAID NOW’ button below to proceed to the FREE registration page.


after all this crap they’ll forward you to a scammy dating website like which is a scam with a bunch of fraudulent profiles. It’s hard to tell if even their live webcam sex chat is legit. That’s how bad most of these fraudulent dating websites are. when you join a legit live webcam sex chat service like Live Jasmine a few things are apparent right away, first off the pictures are fake pictures like what you see at, When you join Live Jasmine the picture of the member you see is the same person that you’ll chat with on live webcam.

If you’re looking for a legit sex dating website the best one based on my reviews is AdultFriendFinder it’s the only one that checked out when I tried, at the very least they’re way better and way more legit than

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