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Now the first thing I should point out is that if you go directly to the domain name, there’s nothing there, however, if you go to one of many web pages like for examples there’s a fraudulent scam webpage that will ask you a series of questions in hopes that they can trick you into joining one of their fraudulent sex dating websites like or more specifically SPAM SCAM

I should point out that I only know of because of spam messages that have been invading my inbox lately so in the event you one to sign up for one of many recommendations be warned that things might not appear to be what they seem. Now here’s the thing you have to worry about with are their fake members. One of the reasons a lot of people trust my recommendations is because when I write something it’s factual as an example the moment you land on the Jasmin Live website you’ll notice that all the members with pictures can be seen on live sex webcam.

Most live sex webcam services will display pictures of members that maybe haven’t logged on for years, or they’ll have pictures of retired pornstars. No, this is not what you get with Jasmin Live the moment you land on the Jasmin Live webpages the person you see in the picture is the person ready to chat. Now, obviously because Jasmin Live has private chat rooms there will be instances where the person you want to chat with, might be in a private chat room with someone else, however, because Jasmin Live has such a large membership you have the freedom to find someone else. Lastly Jasmin Live gives away free previews, so you’re not scammed into joining before you figure out that the members are mostly inactive.

In regards to sex dating ever since I did the testing of AdultFriendFinder I’ve been a fan. I wrote about this a few years ago, just to really give it a go and the only sex dating website that resulted in success was AdultFriendFinder now being transparent it took some time, had to kind of figure out what profile worked the best, but I found success and that’s why they’re the only sex dating website to date that I recommend. is a spammer I wouldn’t trust them if I were you.

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