Archive for the ‘Dating’ Category Legit or Scam – Reviews falls inline with as another one of those sex dating promotional websites. In the instance when I checked them out was promoting which apparently is a sex dating websites for guys who wanna fuck milfs. Wish I could say Yes friends it’s 100% legit but nope unfortunately it’s not it’s a scam. One of the ways to tell that dating site is a scam is when they don’t allow you to print their terms of service or privacy policy. Scam dating websites don’t want you to print their terms of service because they know people will expose them with their own words.

I guess you’re wondering well if is promoting a scam based on my reviews what’s legit? well if you’re asking me what I’d do if I were you. Personally I’d tell you to that Live Jasmine is a much better option primarily because when you join a site like Live Jasmine what you see really is what you get. When you join scam sites like what they’ll do is try and lure you in with with the pictures of pretty milfs. But when read the terms of use you’ll find out that employees are the ones chatting with you.

This is why I say all the time avoid the nonsense and just join Live Jasmine they’re the best, they’re also the largest of their kind online. There’s only one legit sex dating website online and that’s AdultFriendFinder but you’ll notice that i don’t mention AdultFriendFinder a whole lot because it not everyone finds success using them. Based on my reviews most people that are really into meeting attractive people love Live Jasmine which is why their membership is one of thee largest online. Buyer beware with not a site I’d trust if I were you. I wouldn’t call it a scam because it’s a promotional website but I wouldn’t call  them legit either.

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