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There’s another spammer to report on, this time the scammers are using the and domain names. So basically is the spammer while is the webpage hosting the promotional webpage that leads to the scam dating website. Based on my reviews this entire and spam promotion is a scam not worthy of considering.

I’ve tried to unsubscribe from these scammers and they continue to bombard me with spam emails if you’re reading this, chances are they’re spamming you too. I started getting these spam emails once I started doing the dating reviews, typically the legit adult dating services don’t send out spam emails while the fake and fraudulent dating websites send out tons of spam emails. If I were you I’d avoid joining whatever and are promoting. In my case, they lead to a localdates promotional on the domain name.

However for you may be the fraudulent scam is on another webpage, I find that these spammers are very elusive. Anyway if you don’t waste time with the fake pictures, and fake profiles you’ll find on or scam dating websites like it, you’d be wise to consider joining Live Jasmine.

Before I continue with Live Jasmine I’d like to point out that yes, I’m aware that if you go to, and directly there is usually nothing there, however they have several different rotating scammy webpages on their domains. Anyway with that said, what separates Live Jasmine from these spammers and scammers is the fact that with them you don’t have to worry about fake profiles on Live Jasmine because each picture of a member you see can be verified on live webcam.

Now, on the flip side if you’re looking for a legit sex dating website, when I started doing my reviews, the only sex-themed dating website that I reviewed that turned out to be legit was AdultFriendFinder. I couldn’t deny the results, as I reported, however, the reality with AdultFriendFinder is that your location activity and profile play important roles in success, plus you have to remember that AdultFriendFinder is dating website/APP so people aren’t forced to respond to you, but I met more than one person using their service in a span of a few months so I call it like I see it, they’re the best based on my reviews. Avoid joining the spammers and scammers.

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