Archive for the ‘Dating’ Category legit or scam? Reviews qualifies as one of those online dating promotional webites. Based on my reviews appears to be promoting a bunch of different sex based dating websites. Many of you know my position when it comes to sex dating websites. Personally based on my reviews most of the sex based dating websites are scams and not legit, so if you’re asking me what I think about I’m leaning more towards it being a scam.

It should be noted that has a lot of different webpages, majority of them will ask you a series of questions like this. scam scam

Be warned!

This is not a dating site!
You have received (1) message from a woman near you.

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After clicking you’ll be given another message that says something like this… reviews reviews

Jenny !

Name: Jenny

Age: 28

Location: 2.5 mile

Member since: 15

Jan 2017


Hi neighbour, I see you passing by every now and then..

And I like what I see ;). Shall we meet soon? I’m home alone often, so you can come by whenever you like.

Let me know if you’re into it.

See naked pictures review review

Click see naked pictures and you’re almost there but first you’ll get a message like this…

Be cautious!
Before you’re able to respond to any received messages you need to answer 3 short questions so we can be sure you are eligable for this site.

Apologies for our strictness.

Because of unexpected high popularity of our site we need to be very strict in our selection procedure.

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Question 1:
Could you have sex with a married woman?
Yes No


Question 2:
Could you have sex with a woman above 40 years old?
Yes No


Question 3:
The majority of our women only want one-night stands, no relationships. Is this a problem for you?
Yes No

Lastly the climax…

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It’s pretty clear to see sites like these lead to online dating scams, so if you’re going to sign up do so with a degree of caution, because based on my reviews most of the female members are fakes. Also it makes a lot more sense to join Live Jasmine.

I’ve been saying for years, skip the nonsense and simply sign up for Live Jasmine where what you see is what you get. No fancy gimmicks, the person who interests you on Live Jasmine is available and ready to chat. Because Live Jasmine is live sex webcam service there’s no confusing who you’re chatting with. No fake pictures, no hours of time wasted chatting with bots, dating website employees or fake members that may not even be the gender they claim to be. Skip all the stupidity and join Live Jasmine, they have better customer support, better members, better service. Personally I think they’re the best at what they do and a lot of people meet and make relationships using this service.

There’s only one sex dating website worth mentioning and that’s AdultFriendFinder. I don’t write about  AdultFriendFinder a lot because your location plays a huge factor in finding someone. Some have found success most of those people are in big cities, everyone else I find hasn’t found much success which is why I don’t mention them much anymore.

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