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Is a scam?

So if you’re reading this chances are you got a spam message from Remove term: that may have led you to, well to start the pictures of the spammer are obviously fakes and they were used to get you to click the link that leads to or maybe some other site I’m not sure. Now if you go to directly you’ll notice that there’s nothing there, however, has its fair share of web pages that lead to a fraudulent dating website called, it could be another fraudulent dating website I’m not sure, it appears that these scams lead to a bunch of different scams. Bottom line is avoid dealing with fake profiles it’s a much better idea to join a legit live webcam sex service that allows you to see the person in the picture live on webcam.

we chat with an imaginary person when Live Jasmine allows you to chat with real people, most of the pictures you’ll see on those fake sex dating websites are nothing more than old photos of retired pornstars who aren’t in many instances even members of those sites. When you join Live Jasmine you’re understanding that they have a huge membership which is why most people join because they obviously have more options and selections to choose from.

If what you’re looking for a legit sex dating website to date the only one that’s worked when I tried it was AdultFriendFinder which to date is has produced results, which is why they’ve been around so long. AdultFriendFinder still is the best sex dating website to date.

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