Who is the wicked.com girl with the back tattoo?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Who is the wicked.com girl with the back tattoo?

Who is the wicked.com girl with the back tattoo? Lela Star

Who is the wicked.com girl with the back tattoo?

The girls name is Lela Star and man can she ride a penis, I think we all dream of meeting that sweet petite woman that can really ride. Lela is both petite and pretty. You can definitely notice her growth and her maturity from when she just came on the scene which be used as a lesson to most of you guys that prematurely rid yourselves of beautiful women that wind up becoming mega stars in their own right in the near future. Below are some free adult videos of Lela Star in the past if you’re interested check them out



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A lot of women that get involved in the adult entertainment are involved in live chat sites, It still amazes me that guys that watch porn don’t try live chat. If you’re into adult entertainment you have to stay up to date follow the models. If you’re wondering why middle aged men are banging hot models and you’re not it could be that you’re just not involved in the adult industry enough.

If you don’t follow the models you won’t know where events are happening. There are reasons why adult cam sites are so restrictive with their models and the information they share with their customers. A few years ago Lela Star was just an average adult star now she’s talked about and searched for. Try not to take for granted cam sites like Live Jasmine it’s not the one of the largest websites in the world for no reason. You can’t say I didn’t tell you!

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