Review – My Thoughts

Saturday, July 7, 2012 Review – My Thoughts

To start I want to say most of the supposed porn sites are showing the same old crap I was alarmed the other day when I signed up for this site and some of their movies had bad quality you really have to watch out these days. is great it straight up delivers I know most of you reading this have seen those sites that make it seem like they have all these hot young teens and then once you sign up it’s a bunch of 26 year olds posing like they’re 18, 19. Not this site delivers and if you’re into adult vids like these ones I recommend you give a try.

What’s the deal with the trial?

It’s important to know that trials give you limited access you’re not going to be able to watch and participate in everything when you sign up for the trial personally I recommend starting with the one month for 83 cents a day some people go for the 3 months I’m not so sure I prefer 1 month and then if it’s worth it I go for the 3 months. Something else I recommend doing is reading the terms before entering your credit card details if you’re confused about anything it’s a better idea to call them.

Last words on

If you have the money to waste I’ll say try for at least a month they’re one of the best in the industry and seldom are their users disappointed with the product they put out. Yes those ladies are very hot and they look part the audio and video is great and all around is just lovely I surely was not disappointed by what I saw.

For those of you interested in joining my favorite adult community go to the Mofos Network. Personally I think the Mofos Network has everyone beat with quality and quantity everything yo can imagine is already at the Mofos Network if you haven’t been there yet check it out today

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