Volgagirl.com Review – Legit or Scam?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Volgagirl.com Review – Legit or Scam?

Volgagirl.com is a 100% legit well run mail order bride service with a lot of experience in the industry I wouldn’t call them the best mail order bride service but you would have to consider them to among the top services on and offline. Volgagirl.com is one of the longest running mail order bride services and its reputation is matched by very few. When Volga girl says they were featured on National Geographic they’re telling the truth if you have any doubts about their service consider giving them a call on the number listed on their website.

What I think about Volgagirl.com

The only negative I can say about Volgagirl.com is I don’t like their web design in July 2012, I hope they consider changing the design because I don’t their current web design does them any justice. It’s hard to find legit mail order bride services online and one thing I’ve notice about the scam mail order bride services is that they have beautiful flashy web designs. Legit mail order bride services like Volgagirl.com are more concerned with customer satisfaction than they are with flashy web designs.

For anyone considering Volgagirl.com what you’ll love most about them is how easy they make everything when you sign up with Volgagirl.com thing that you might overlook is how much the Volga girl staff pays attention to detail this is where experience comes into play and Volgagirl.com ranks among my top mail order bride services.

Last words on Volgagirl.com

Good service Volga Girl is definitely one of the best mail order bride services online if you’ve signed up with I wish you all the best and hope you find what you we’re looking for. For the record my most recommended mail order bride service is A Foreign Affair. If you’re looking for a wife in the CIS Countries, Asia or Latin America in my opinion A Foreign Affair is the number one place to go. A Foreign Affair has been on ABC Nightline, Dr. Phil, The today show, 60 minutes MTV and a 100 more places. If you’re serious about finding a partner I recommend A Foreign Affair over any other mail order bride company.

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