Review – My thoughts

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 Review – My thoughts

When talking about even in 2012 there really is no negative argument that can be made they’ve been online almost a decade if not more you can even try them for 2 days for like a $1 per month I think the fee is like $29 all in all is pretty darn good. The women at are hot and by hot I mean most of them take care of themselves if you visit or join other adult sites you’ll notice that most of the ladies there are out of shape I don’t know about you but I definitely don’t want to watch that shit.

The trial

I like to tell people avoid the trial just go with the month and the reason is because using the trial and this is true with any adult site that offers trials costs you more about $10 in the current case of If you go with the $1 trial they’ll charge you $39.99 per month after that whereas if you go month to month it will only cost $29.99. It’s up to you I think if you call you can probably work out something with them anyway but if you live it automated you’re going to be paying $10 extra.

Last word on

With the quality is definitely there with beautiful adult models are definitely there with the price is also fair or I would say standard. It’s pretty darn good I give it 8 out of 10. Adult live chat if you haven’t done so yet i something you should consider giving a try namely a site called Live Jasmine. The women at Live Jasmine are hot and they keep bring in new hot girls the Live Jasmine are very entertaining and worth every penny.

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