Legit or Scam – Reviews

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 Legit or Scam – Reviews

When talking about even in 2012 there really is no negative argument that can be made they’ve been online almost a decade if not more you can even try them for 2 days for like a $1 per month I think the fee is like $29 all in all is pretty darn good. The women at are very attractive and the fact that the has been able to maintain this influx for the amount of time they have is amazing. It’s important to remember that this is an updated version to my original review of Twistys and yes, it’s still functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Initially, I wrote this review in 2012, well now we’re in 2019 and because I guess there’s been a resurgence of demand for Twistys I had to update this post to keep those of you knew to the Twistys Network that all is still well. Okay, part of the reason I added and the is because they’re both the same. As many of you know there’s a lot of fraud in the porn industry, so you’re seeing it more frequently where adult entertainment networks are scooping up multiple domain names to protect their brand. One thing that’s for sure is that you won’t have to worry about any billing scams with Twistys, at least with the links I used, when I joined.

The trial and my Personal Twistys Reviews

I like to tell people to avoid the trial just go with the month like I do, but everybody has a different situation, sometimes I forget that many of my readers are not from the U.S, I know a lot of you prefer the trial because you live in a country where porn is illegal, so I 100% understand. All I will say is the Twistys Network is cheaper if you go month to month, it’s actually cheapest annually, but the trial is restrictive and I’ll be honest with you, you’re not going to be able to watch enough in 2 days, many of you will learn the hard wway. If you’re in a free country like me, consider what I’m telling you.

So with Twistys I’m sure you understand the theme, I personally when doing most of my LGBTQ themed reviews tend to bring friends over, because their reactions help me a lot in figuring out if it’s good porn or not. So when it came to the women watching what I got a lot of was, “I’m going to try that”, “where do I get one of those” or “I love her outfit” when you watch porn with other porn lovers you get to a better grasp of things from a consumers perspective and as per usual, similar to when I did my review of Twistys in 2012, the reviews were relatively positive and of course a lot of fun.

Last word on

With Twistys the quality is definitely there, it’s premium porn so obviously you’re going to have access to things people on the free tube sites won’t have access too. Also yes to answer your questions I still have friends who are on Live Jasmine who help me with my reviews. As you’d expect the entire adult entertainment community always pays attention to porn, but only a handful ever make the final cut.

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