legit or scam? Review

Saturday, June 29, 2013 legit or scam? Review

To keep this review straight to the point is a scam? No it’s legit but it’s also lacking in active members my review is if you sign up you might want to think twice about upgrading. At the moment is is lacking in active members which from most peoples reviews is the heart and soul of any dating website. By signing up you’re helping their membership grow which is great I guess just don’t expect much until they attract more real members.

The thing I like about is that they have actual members on their front page hopefully if they can attract more Tranny;s to join they can gain more people. If you’re currently looking to join an adult Tranny sex dating website that has a lot of members you might want to check out Out Personals (link opens a new window) which is the only tranny sex dating website that I trust, make sure you select TS/TV/TG when signing up. Any and all questions or concerns pertaining to should be sent to them directly you might also want to read their terms and conditions found on the bottom of their page for answers to your questions.

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