Review – My Thoughts

Saturday, July 21, 2012 Review – My Thoughts

The vid that caught my attention on Toon vid tube was the Avatar one I had to watch that there’s only thing I will mention regarding that people might to look out for. At first glance looks like every other completely free tube site when in fact it is not. asks for your credit card before you sign up and if you’re not careful you might sign up for some bonus offers you did not intend to sign up for so if you’re going to join make sure you read the fine print on website. Bonus offer

If you look carefully on the sign up page you will notice that there are bonus offers if you don’t want those bonuses uncheck that box if you do want the bonuses keep the box checked. Below are the fees they asked me for on the sign up page


+ Your Platinum Membership Details: – 10 Days Free Trial, membership renews at $29.95/monthly, unless cancelled. – 7 Days Free Trial, membership renews at $49.95/monthly, unless cancelled.


Last words about

I don’t think is a scam I think it is legit but you have to read that fine print carefully and make sure you don’t take anything you don’t want to take also remember that if you cancel before the trial ends you won’t be charged, allow me to point out that Hentai Sex Club has an excellent reputation when it comes to toon porn. Personally I think My 3d Girlfriends is a much better option than ToonVidtube you get a lot more for a lot less and billing is pretty straight forward.

For anyone interested in joining my favorite adult community go to the Mofos Network. Personally I think the Mofos Network has everyone beat with quality and quantity everything you can imagine is already at the Mofos Network if you haven’t been there yet check it out today.

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