Spam – Is it a Scam?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Spam – Is it a Scam?

It’s interesting how works they spam you and if you click on the link they give you a box to unsubscribe. This is one big hoax and their email fraud needs to be stopped. The pretend to help people get hooked up but truth be told their just affiliates of a scam adult dating website called reviews are really bad for and if you review it for yourself you’ll find out why.

What happens first is they lure men in with stolen pictures of amateur porn stars then once the unsuspecting men sign up for free they start to receive messages from employees of that will say things and in order for the free member to respond the free member must upgrade. If the free member is dumb enough to upgrade they then up-sell you with the sex video web cam which costs extra.

If you’re interested in talking to hot men or women it’s much smarter if you sign up with AdultFriendFinder and the reason for this is because unlike those scams where they basically steal your personal information and spam the hell out of your email AdultFriendFinder is American company that doesn’t do business like that. Now allow me to point something out regarding AdultFriendFinder if you live in certain countries or if you live in a rural area you’ll want to expand your search or you can just enjoy the live webcam because just like any other dating website it’s a numbers game and the one thing that I really like about AdultFriendFinder is how they integrate everything. I’ve been a member almost a year now and I documented my results. Personally I love AdultFriendFinder it’s the best adult sex dating website or service I’ve ever used.

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