Is legit?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Is legit?

One thing is for sure the commercial sure is enticing; that being said it should be noted that most cam sites don’t require you enter your credit card details before you actually see the models or entertainers they have to offer. is a prime example of how what you don’t know can be used against you, if you visit the in September 2012 and you’re already into adult entertainment you might see some familiar porn star faces this is cool I guess however the live adult web cam world online at least for the most part has evolved. I personally prefer Jasmin live more amateurs I also find the quality better, I’ve developed relationships there as well which I guess makes me a little biased

What I think about

The reason I like webcam is because I can meet a new beautiful woman every day, Jasmin live is so large and has so many models globally that you’re bound to meet someone new. is the similar but when you do a comparisson you’ll notice differences one of the major differences is the presentation. With me all I want to do is see the prettiest women, the sexiest women, in many instances does deliver, is legit it’s not a scam, based on my review I’ll put it like this had I not known about Jasmin live first I’d probably be more active on

If you’re just looking to chat to pornstars on live webcam then is great option, possibly even the better option, however if you’re looking to talk to amateurs based on my reviews Jasmin live is far better which is why I’m still a member to this very day. I prefer finding the diamond in the rough at least that’s what drives me to use adult webcam sites, it just makes more sense for me to invest my time in those women and download their pictures if you get you what I mean. Streamate is good it’s legit, it’s not a scam but it’s not my preferred choice.

Last words on

I write this stuff mainly for fun if you want to join go ahead if you’re reading this you should be an adult and if you’re an adult you’re capable of making your own decisions. To those of you interested in checking out my favorite sex dating site check out AdultFriendFinder. Before webcam communities there was adult dating or actually initially it was swingers dating AdultFriendFinder built it’s brand with this feature however they also incorporated live webcam because some of the members lived in rural areas or countries where sex dating is frowned upon.

So in words people can understand AdultFriendFinder is like streamate with a online sex dating feature attached to it. With that said if you live in a major city AdultFriendFinder is a good option if you live in a small town I don’t know if you’ll have the type of success I’ve enjoyed so far. AdultFriendFinder as of the date of this publication has my full support it’s the best sex dating website I’ve ever joined and if you’re going to sign up for you might want to check it out as I’ve stated plenty of times it works and yes ladies it works for you too, there are lots of rich and successful men that use it, sure some might be married, some might not even be so nice however women I’ve met find empowerment using it because the theme of the site is what most women know most men want, so there aren’t the usually games that people usually encounter when using traditional dating websites.

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