– My Thoughts

Monday, May 28, 2012 – My Thoughts seems to be a pretty good web cam site, the one thing I didn’t like however is one girl I wanted to chat too had a fake picture of herself up which in my opinion is not right because that picture is what made me want to sign up. Apart from that picture I didn’t see any girls that I thought we’re worth watching. This girl’s current name is Bridgette. The girl in the picture and the one in the cam site are not the same.

More of my rant

I guess anything is expected when you’re dealing with the adult industry but I just think that women should post real pictures of themselves instead of fake ones. The real Bridgette isn’t ugly but she’s not who I thought she was which for me is waste of time and money I think should not allow their models to post fake pictures of themselves I think their website would be a lot better if they showed real photos of their models.

At the moment I prefer the Live Jasmine girls and I also like that I don’t have to sign up or sign in to chat with the girls and also some girls will talk back to you if you’re not signed it. I haven’t seen fake pictures at Live Jasmine yet and the women there in my opinion are way hotter. If you’re not having a good time at I think you should give Live Jasmine a try I’m pretty sure you’ll eventual add it to your list of favorites.

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