Legit or Scam? Review

Thursday, July 4, 2013 scam? scam? Legit or Scam? Review

Internet dating is an interesting business and if you’ve been in it as long as I have you would know one thing and that is BBW’s aren’t hard to find in fact they probably know more dating websites than most guys do. With that said I personally don’t see the need for someone to sign up with a site like when they can join a well known established adult sex dating website like AdultFriendFinder that has over 40+ million members worldwide many of whom are BBW’s. I’ve been a member of AdultFriendFinder for several months now and I know first hand that they’re 100% legit. Allow me to point out that I’m an active member of AdultFriendFinder not a fly by night member and positive reviews stem from my activity not some made up stats.

The thing some people might concern themselves with is the fact that is affiliated with Amorix Ltd before you sign up you might want to do a search about Amorix Ltd and read what some people have to say about them the number one complaint regarding Amorix Ltd is their billing. I personally never think it’s a good idea to get into these sites instead of using SS BBW Sex Hookup it would be better to use a site like Live Jasmin which is a sex web chat community that is really straight forward with it’s billing procedure. Live sex chat communities are better than these sex dating websites anyway.

Based on the SSBBWSexHookup terms they’re not a scam but after careful review and reviews I’m not sure if they’re legit you might want to inquire about their billing procedures before giving them your credit or debit card.

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