Review – My Thoughts

Saturday, July 21, 2012 Review – My Thoughts is good I guess if you want to make others girls jealous or if you just want to download pictures of beautiful chicks. I’m not so much into this sort of thing so is not on my list for sites to try. I know dudes who use sites like to get other women to do crazy ass shit for them which is cool but sometimes that stuff backfires. If you’re getting it for the entertainment factor it’s worth it its legit scam free Trial

If you’re going to sign up with stay off the trial dude they give you limited access and then you get charged more after the trial expires; it’s like a tease with a bargain. Sluts with phones has a lot of downloads when I see their database it makes me feel like every pretty slut takes naked pictures of themselves and either sells them or gives them to their boyfriends who end up selling them after they leave them. When I say has a huge selection they have a very huge collection of hot naked lady pictures.

Last words on

If you want it go for it I would tell you to avoid the useless trial offer go full try it don’t like it cancel it don’t be pawn in the trial game it winds up costing you more in the end.

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