Is legit?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Is legit?

Out of all the sites I’ve seen asks the most questions before whisking you away to an adult dating website. Personally I think adult dating websites are a waste of time and the reason I think these sites are a waste of time is because most if not all of them use live adult web cam models which to me makes these adult dating websites deceptive. If you ask me you can do a lot more for free at adult web cam sites like Live Jasmine which by the way is 100% free unless you want to go private.

With these adult dating websites you pay to check out real girls then you find out that there are way more men then women then you find out that there are web cam models which makes you feel silly for falling for this crap. Live Jasmine is way better way more upfront the community is better and you only pay if you go private. If you want to follow go ahead I won’t call them legit or a scam based on what I reviewed they’re not worth my time.

Want to know something else I found funny about When it asks me the question – Have you ever had an STD? I answered yes and it still let me sign up!

Don’t be fooled people!

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