Is legit?

Thursday, October 25, 2012 scam? review?

Is legit?

For those of you that went through with the sign up process you know that is a part of live free fun which by the way is not 100% FREE! Only thing I can say in regards to is make sure you read over their terms and privacy before handing over your credit card. I don’t think is a scam it’s legit but clearly not for everyone.

It does work like a roulette sending you here and there with ease there is no telling where you might end up or who you might end up with. The common question with slutroulette is talent or lack there of and of course timeouts and the inability to select who you want from the outset. Because as people find out early on is not like Some would argue that is the other version to but this isn’t true. As many people find out, that’s why says powered by Live Free Fun.

My personal review like many other reviews is is not a scam it’s legit I don’t recommend it but that doesn’t make it a scam. They’re affiliated with a very reputable company that has a few good marketing gimmicks in place. I think they’re over rated but that’s just me. Have Fun!

Looking for what many consider a better adult cam experience better visit Live Jasmine you’re free to chat and only have to pay if you want to go private. The other side t all of this the combination of adult dating and webcam which is where sites like AdultFriendFinder come into play I’ve already written about my experience and my recommendation and why – so I’m not going to write it again, AdultFriendFinder is U.S based and been online since 1996 beware though although it’s legit prostitutes, pimps, scammers and weirdo freaks like me (‘hey ladies’ )icon smile Five Star Ladies Intro do use the site so don’t expect everything to go hunky dory it’s still an online dating website!

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