Saturday, February 22, 2014

Is a scam?

Don’t let the slogan: “CHEATING BLACK WOMEN ARE SEEKING MEN TO FUCK ON A REGULAR BASIS.” fool you although this hoax has a pretty good domain name the fact still remains that it’s a fraud and a scam. If you read any legitimate reviews about the site they’re promoting you’ll realize very quickly that majority of the profiles on that site are fake or they’re pictures of amateur porn models and or stolen pictures from legit live adult cam sites. For those of you that don’t know how those fake dating websites work I’ll break it down in as little time as possible.
First they lure you into signing up as a free members with the naked pictures of females once signed up you’ll get fake messages from supposed members that are actually being paid to send you messages in some instances these are men posing as women. If you sign up you’ll then notice that no one wants to chat with you anymore then you’ll be presented with their live video chat feature. If you’re smart you’ll skip all that non sense and sign up with the Jasmin sex chat community.

When you join legitimate sites you avoid all the nonsense and get down to talk with hot women that you can actually see on cam prior to seeing some stolen picture. With the Jasmin sex chat community what you see is what you get and try to remember that the Jasmin sex chat community. has two way audio what scam would offer that feature. Personally I wouldn’t sign up with sleepwithmetonight if I were you!

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