Is a Scam?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Is a Scam? is a pretty hilarious site especially when you see the amount of different sex dating websites it promotes I will give you an example possibly by the time you’re reading this may have taken down their all their recommended sex dating websites but here goes the list you should be able to check out these scams for yourself before you sign up you might want to read the terms and conditions of the sex dating websites is recommending


All those webpages and there is actually a lot more will lead you to a sex dating website that I don’t think is legit if you review the terms any of those dating websites you’ll notice that they use fake profiles and bots to get you to sign up. The truth about adult dating and I’m saying this mostly to men reading this the truth is there is only one legit adult dating website that works and 65% percent of it’s members are men and 35% are women that is the Friend Finder Network I’ve used it I can’t complain because I knew what I was getting myself into just don’t expect to meet a super model or anything. Think more like the neighborhood hore type and I’m being dead serious! I always find free dating websites are better so you might also want to check out the Simple free online dating site it’s growing organically unlike these other dating websites that have 2 million fake members over night!

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