scam or legit – review

Sunday, November 17, 2013 scam or legit – review shouldn’t be take to seriously if you ever tried any of those bullshit dating sites you know how much of a waste they are. Truth be told fellas if you want to get hot pussy online from sexy girls you gotta stick with the live chat sites the number one to check out to date still remains Jasmin.

Why Jasmin more bitches more chances more features but you have to upgrade if you don’t upgrade you won’t have a chance to see or experience shit. People that remain free members or only try Jasmin one or two times don’t know have the shit we know. When you go with the you don’t even know if the bitches are real or not.

When you use Jasmin the pussy is right there in your face it’s up to you to act upon it. Shit ain’t hard to do just some people are knuckle heads. I would say yes  is a scam it’s not legit you can review it for yourself.

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