legit or scam? – review

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 legit or scam? – review

When you’re reading this who knows what be happening but at the moment as of 7/23/2013 links directly to FreeLifetimeAffairs or I advise anyone reading this to think twice before signing up. There are a bunch of these “FreeLifetime” sex dating websites scattered all over the web and to date no one has anything good to say about them.

As I’ve said in many posts most of these adult dating sites are bullshit so don’t waste your time one other thing I want to say is make sure you don’t give FreeLifetimeAffairs your cell phone number that is unless you want them and their corporate friends to send you text messages you really want to read the terms and conditions on the website because I really didn’t like what I read.

If someone were to ask me is legit I would tell them STAY AWAY I mean just read their terms for yourself and then ask yourself if you think it sounds like a scam after my review of their terms I didn’t even want to sign up as a free member I’m sure after more and more reviews come in more and more people will agree with me that isn’t worth the time and remember it’s not city it’s that’s an “L” and I feel like loser even writing about this nonsense.

Guys reading this the Friend Finder Network is the only legit site only but only 35% of members are women so if you sign up you better be prepared for a challenge. I should also add that most people prefer adult video chat the reason still remains unclear to most people but I think Live Jasmin is a lot better than most people know that is if you like to travel. I wouldn’t waste my time with if I were you!

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