Is secret encounters legit or is it a scam?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Is secret encounters legit or is it a scam?

As seen and as advertised on the television commercials Secret encounters is a live phone chat service that allows its users to hook up and chat. From both the male and the female side of things I’ve never liked these types of 1-ON-1 conversation and my reason for this is simple everything becomes difficult because both parties have no idea what other looks like. When I see these types of services I say thank god for the internet when I was growing up before internet dating and Facebook this was very popular but what angered most people was the descriptions other people gave of themselves.

Women would lie about their weight men would lie about their height then if you met someone in person you we’re usually disappointed. Also the voices of people can be very deceptive because a lot of people disguise their voice when they’re on the phone. Internet dating put a face on people’s voices and internet dating also gives people the opportunity to see what someone looks like. If you’re smart when using an internet dating website you’ll only select a person that has updated pictures of themselves from head to toe why you do this is because this not only tells what you’re getting yourself into but it also gives you the whole story at least from a physical perspective.

This way if you meet someone who doesn’t look like their profile you can call the on it. When it comes to phone services like you’re working entirely off of what the person is telling you. Some people like phone services like secret encounters personally I don’t to end this post yes they’re legit they’re not a scam but my review is beware and try to get as much information about the person as possible also please leave your reviews in reputable spots so in the event this turns out to be scam others will be notified as well.

The common scam with these types of phone services is the company will pay people to leave you messages just to get you to sign up. I cannot confirm secret encounters is doing this but if you think they are report them. The evolution of places like is live adult web chat places like Live Jasmine don’t only provide one to one chat but you can also talk to the model you’re interested in. Be aware that Live Jasmine is community created for entertainment purposes only

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