Review – Legit or Scam

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Review – Legit or Scam isn’t like a traditional mail order bride services instead it’s more like a foreign adult dating site. Most of cupid media related sites are like this which is why I don’t feel that it’s necessary to write too much about or tell people what Russian cupid has to offer. Personally I do not like these types of sites because typically what I find is that the foreign women that use these sites are typically skeptical about these services. Traditional mail order bride services exist for a reason and that reason is develop a sort of a trust for both parties involved.

What I think about

I think is 100% legit furthermore I do not think that Cupid media in anyway is a scam all that being said I think the concept of Russian Cupid is good idea I just think in practice users on both sides will soon realize the benefits to using a traditional mail order bride service. Online dating is hard enough as it is meeting someone local but meeting someone international using online dating in my opinion is very hard to do there are so many barriers to break plus there is the trust issue on both sides can it work yes of course it can anything will work if you try hard enough but because both parties will have to work so hard is the reason why I’m not too big on the whole concept.

Last words on

I think Russian cupid is a good international dating site worthy of people’s consideration and I wish anyone who tries nothing but the best. If you’re looking for a more traditional mail order bride experience I recommend A Foreign Affair most of the information you want to know about the mail order bride industry as a whole can be found at A Foreign Affair majority of the ACTIVE beautiful females globally that are marriage minded can be found at A Foreign Affair. Also A Foreign Affair doesn’t keep around inactive or members nor do they label women that have been married using their services as single. A Foreign Affair is far superior mail order bride service in my opinion and worthy of peoples consideration.

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