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Wednesday, June 6, 2012 Review – My Thoughts is an online mail order bride service that’s been online for quite some time. I’m mainly writing this post to give men most of which are close to me in age an general understanding on how mail order bride service work and the real reason you join a site such as If you decide to go with which is in my opinion NOT a scam it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into.

If you join Russian brides with the intent of meeting someone be prepared to actually go to Russia and meet someone. There are too many complaints from people who have never actually taken the trip to meet the women. I know there are some of you that have taken the trip and we’re disappointed but majority of the complaints are from guys who’ve never left their country of residence. If you sign up for a mail order bride service you’re basically saying that you’re willing to look for love in a foreign country.

How I feel about

I think is legit and is not a scam however is not a company that I currently recommend to people. has a very unique way of conducting business and if you’re confused about their services I think you should contact them directly before doing any business with them. The women associated with like most mail order bride services are very beautiful and does bride a very competitive service in the mail order bride industry.

Last words on

Great service at the moment I do not recommend them but like I’ve said previously I do think they’re legit. Before recommending a service I have to make sure that I’ve worked with the company before that’s why to date I recommend A Foreign Affair. The reason I recommend A Foreign Affair is because they teach you everything about the mail order bride service as a whole. Actually what led me to A Foreign Affair initially was when I saw them on television a few years back.

When sold me on the idea is when I went to Columbia, if you visit the A Foreign Affair website and watch their videos you’ll get a better idea of what I mean. Vacation on the beach as middle aged man with beautiful women that are really interested in getting to know you. What I like about A Foreign Affair is they provide a QUALITY experience let me be a straight shooter with you there are a lot of mail order bride services but what most of them lack is a quality experience A Foreign Affair is all about quality and the owners themselves are very distinguished people that are masters of how to operate a mail order bride service. If you’re looking for a mail order bride A Foreign Affair in my opinion is the best by far.

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