Review – Is it any good?

Thursday, May 31, 2012 Review – Is it any good? is a good adult website my only complaint is well you know the women are porn stars I guess that’s where I miss bangbus. Bangbus was a site that made you think anything was possible with a camera. I even know personally one of the women that were on bangbus and she told me that porn didn’t even cross her mind (Ya right) until they offered her that easy money. is a good site that opens the imagination to all the possibilities and opportunities we’re missing out on. $1 Trial offer

I like this entire network because you can try their site for 2 days for $1 buck, if this will be your first time using this trial make sure you read their terms and conditions. Actually you can find the the terms at the bottom of their sign up page, I think after the trial is done it will cost you $39 if you don’t cancel. It’s your job to read that before entering your credit card details. Personally I didn’t remain a member longer than the trial that being said the site was good no recycled movies.

Final word on

If you’re into porn it’s a great site and you can try it for 2 days for only a $1. Personally I’m into Live web cam, I wasn’t a huge fan of it early on but the experience is much better than watching pre-recorded video’s. Live Jasmine is to date one of the largest websites online and if you give Live Jasmine a try you’ll understand why. Why watch adult movies when you can have women doing what you tell them too.

Live shows for you or even for you and your girlfriend is the way to go if you haven’t tried it you should you’d be surprised the amount of women that go for smut like that. I even have female friends that asked me where do I sign up after seeing a show because they feel it’s easy to do. Like I said Live Jasmine is one of the biggest websites online and building a reputation with the ladies there in my opinion is the way to go. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

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