How to get a pretty girl to like you if you’re ugly?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to get a pretty girl to like you if you’re ugly?

To start I have to tell the reader these are strategies I’ve used and I can’t guarantee you the same success that I’ve had something else I have to point is that the writer of this blog post can read, write, has two working arms and legs, 10 fingers and 10 toes the only obvious flaw on me is my weight and well my face. Okay now I start if you’re ugly and you know you’re ugly you shouldn’t have any fear at this point good looking guys have to protect their faces because that’s what they’ve been getting laid with their entire lives we on the other hand are ugly so we have to live off our confidence. That being said lets’ define the word confidence which is a state of being “certain”

How to certainly getting laid by pretty women

To my readers where does your point of certainty reside? Mine resided knowing that if I want to get laid with pretty women I would have to go hard as I could when I did anything at any time go hard or go home. That being said lets define the word failure in short failure is the opposite of success but more importantly Failure exists only to those who give up. Meaning if one dumb pretty girl doesn’t like you move on and move on as fast as you can and try twice as hard the next time. Only go after women you consider pretty if you settle other pretty women will see that you’ve settle and that will set you back even farther.

If you want a pretty woman don’t settle for less

Have you ever seen a good looking guy with an unattractive woman and said to yourself if I looked like him I would do better than that? It’s because he’s settling and settling for anything less than what you perceive to be the best will make you miserable. Go after the women you like if you’re ugly you’ll have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you’re ugly you’re actually at an advantage if you look at things from the right perspective.

Listen to what she says

When a beautiful women tells you something about yourself listen one thing I’ve learned is that all beautiful or pretty women pick up on things a lot faster than ugly women do. Even if you get rejected by a beautiful woman listen to what she says about you what I would do is after getting rejected I would try to get under her skin when you get under peoples skin if you listen hard enough they’ll reveal things to you about themselves that you wouldn’t learn otherwise this was how I was able to sleep with some of the most beautiful women in college.

Remember you’re ugly so don’t expect them to like you right away you have to sell yourself to them and you’ll need to conquer one to have the confidence to conquer another. Challenge yourself there’s really nothing to be afraid of some good looking guy is the least of your worries believe me most good looking guys don’t want to fight and the ones that do usually won’t do it over a woman and even if they do again you have nothing to lose.

Now to clear up what I’m saying here I’m not telling you go fight people for their girlfriends what I’m telling you is be a bit intimidating you’re ugly or I should say you’re physically unattractive you’re the underdog she’ll know it everyone around will know it and if you’re consistent enough people will eventually come to respect which in time will bring the ladies to you! You might have to read this over a few times for all of it to soak in but in general if you want pretty girls go after them and get better selling yourself to women hands on training is the best if one girl rejects you move onto to the next and don’t stop until your goal is met let the suckers settle you go after the women you want it will always work out because there are billions of women on this planet.

Do you even know what a million people look like? If you don’t it’s because you’re sheltering yourself stop doing that get out there and practice practice makes perfect if you want something you have to after it that’s what I did and now I fuck more prettier women than my pretty boy friends. What’s funny is now that we’re getting older my personality is completely outshining theirs because they got by on their good looks now that grey hairs are starting to show and they’re going bald who do you think the ladies want to talk to? You got it me if you want something go after it forget about what people say go after what you want and don’t stop until you have it!

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