Is legit or is it a scam?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Is legit or is it a scam? interestingly enough seems to be an evolution of these types of webpages by that I mean most of the type websites will send you to the same website or I should say the same domain name on the other hand from what I’ve seen as two different destinations depending on how you answer their age question. If you answer that you’re 24+ they will send you to the website if you answer that you are between 18-23 years of age you will sent to the website.

Both sites by the way are owned by the same company and I’m not at liberty to say they’re scams what I will say to anyone thinking of signing up is read the terms and conditions of both websites reviews done by you will help you figure out the truth. I won’t call legit but I will not call it a scam you can find that out on your own what I will say is Live Jasmine is live web chat community with a lot of hot girls that aren’t shy that will talk to you.

Live Jasmine is also free to use you don’t even need an email address unless you want to a discreet chat. Now that’s worth it in my opinion plus the girls at Live Jasmine are hot any type of woman you’re looking for tall, short, thin, BBW, Black, White Asian, Latina, all can be found at Live Jasmine and you can preview everything free.