Review – Legit or Scam?

Friday, July 27, 2012 Review – Legit or Scam?

My advice to people whenever they decide that they would like to use a mail order bride service is go with one that offers a full service and by full service they arrange for you to meet your potential bride to be in person. Natasha club is a good mail order bride service but the reason I don’t recommend people to them is because you will have to make arrangements to meet your potential bride to be in person. Some people prefer doing this themselves but many do not.

What I think about

The website does everything you expect an online mail order bride service to do. Their website in comparison to some of the other mail order bride websites I’ve seen is well designed their members are real and can be contacted their prices are also equally fair and their support and technical help is above the average in the mail order bride service industry. All that being said should be considered a top destination for men interested in looking for mail order bride online.

Last words regarding is legit is not a scam and anyone saying it is scam probably didn’t understand what they we’re getting themselves into. does a good job explaining to its users what it offers that being said the reason why I don’t recommend to people is because they don’t arrange meetings if you want to meet your potential bride in person you have to do it on your own. This might work for some people but it is a feature I wish they change. If you sign up with I wish you all the best.

My top mail order bride service

My favorite mail order bride service by far is A Foreign Affair. I’ve used A Foreign Affair and what I’ll tell you is meeting someone online is nothing like meeting them in person. Serious guys that want to meet and touch these women use A Foreign Affair because A Foreign Affair handles all the difficult tasks for you. Sure you can correspond through emails using A Foreign Affair but nothing beats chemistry and you won’t know how physically attracted you are to someone until you see them in person.

Most of the people that use A Foreign Affair drop the women they we’re emailing once they actually go on the tour. Why is that you ask? Because of chemistry and physical attraction; plus the women who use A Foreign Affair are typically aggressive and go after the man they want. When A Foreign Affair sets up their tours it’s assured that there will be more women than men and the women that are there will typically be all over the men there, this is not a joke by the way I didn’t believe it until I took the tour. Real men go on the tours if you’re afraid to have beautiful 100- 120 pound coke bottle figured women jump on your lap and ride you A Foreign Affair is not for you. If you don’t like being pursed by young hot and sexy single women A Foreign Affair is not for you.

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