Review – My Thoughts

Saturday, June 2, 2012 Review – My Thoughts

First thing I have to say is is not free. It’s free to watch but to call it entirely free is flat out lie. I do however like the way it’s set it, its set up similar to a strip club which is pretty interesting. That being said I don’t think the girls are of the highest quality, yes there are a lot of attractive women at but the down side is there are also a lot of unattractive women on Depending on the day or time you visit you will find that there are a lot of what I consider to be unattractive females there.

What I think about

In general I’m not that impressed by their models it almost seems as if will accept anyone onto their rosters which is okay I’m all for equal opportunity it’s just it makes me wonder what’s stopping anyone else from eventually doing something similar. When it comes to joining cam model sites personally I do it because I want to be entertained by the most beautiful cam models on the internet. from my view seems more concerned with quantity more than quality. This is only my opinion when you visit my free cams you can decide this for yourself.

Final word on

Nice site that I would recommend it’s free to join and one thing that I can say for certain about is that they stand out among their competition. is not 100% free but depending on how you play it you can pay less than you would at other cam sites. Personally I prefer using Live Jasmine, from my view there is a different level of quality with Live Jasmine compared to most of it’s competition. What you’ll also notice with Live Jasmine are there models you won’t any old model working at Live Jasmine and if they are working there they usually don’t last long. is a great site with a great concept but there are a lot of differences between and Live Jasmine that make me prefer using Live Jasmine.

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