Does money make you more attractive to women?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Does money make you more attractive to women?

If you didn’t go out with or have sex with that many women in middle school, Junior high school, High School or even college you may have been fooled into believing that money makes you more attractive to women. The truth is women are attracted to men they feel comfortable around in order for a woman to feel comfortable with you; you have to feel comfortable about yourself. In a capitalistic country having a lot of money is preferred over not having money however don’t let societal norms trick you into believing that everyone thinks money is important.

What money really means to her?

The only time money becomes really important to most women is when they have children yes there are women that are gold diggers but the truth is most women like most men could care less about money. In a capitalistic society money is necessary to enjoy a certain lifestyle however this is not be confused with believing money will make you more attractive to women. In fact having money can attract the wrong types of women into your life the most important thing to remember about women is to attract the type of women that you’re looking for.

How to attract the right type of women into your life

In order to attract the right type of women into your life you have to be as attractive as possible and the way to be attractive is to figure out who YOU are. You have to ask yourself who are you really? What type of person are you really? When you find out who you really are you then have to become confident, confidence is all about repetition being yourself every day and living with the consequences. Once you become confident at being yourself you’ll attract the right women into your life it’s really that simple so get out there find out who you really are become confident and she’ll find herself to you in no time.

The reason most people never find the right women is because they never really find themselves the pretend to find themselves like everybody else. I don’t recommend blending in I recommend being yourself and finding yourself and becoming confident at being yourself women want to know the real you and once they do they’ll be attracted to you at which time you can choose who is right for you and let them come to you.

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