Sunday, March 2, 2014

Is a scam?

There are a bunch of adult sites all over the internet I think like one out of the bunch is legit the rest are all scams and even the legit one isn’t for everyone. The online adult dating scene is not what it’s all crapped up to be and i highly recommend contacting support before signing up for I’m not going to call them a scam because they tell you what they’re doing in their terms of service page. That said people should be more wise and understand these adult dating sites are using pictures to lure men in.

I don’t see why men or women would sign up for and their pictures when they can go for the Jasmin sex chat community that has video? If you review or read negative reviews of people that signed up for you’ll soon realize why the Jasmin sex chat community is a way better option.

Think about this for a moment the Jasmin sex chat community has two way audio where a man can talk with a woman or a woman can talk with a man. They also have live video, Milfaholic is getting you to sign up using pictures? To me it’s just silly to sign up for Milfaholic when you compare it to the Jasmin sex chat community. I won’t call them a scam but you won’t get me to recommend to anyone because I don’t like these adult dating websites that make it seem like they have women waiting have sex with you. If you want that just go to an escort website.

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