Is using mail order bride services exploitation against women?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is using mail order bride services exploitation against women?

Some consider mail order bride services exploitation against women personally I disagree. Most of the women that use these services do have other options the problem most of the women face that use these services is the fact they can’t find any eligible bachelors in their home countries. Many North American women have the exact same problem as do western some western European women. The only difference here is most western women are not willing to re-locate because they’ve become accustomed to the North America way of life. In fact if women felt safe in other parts of the world I’m pretty sure more women would be using international dating services.

If you do your research what you’ll find is that most of the women that use mail order bride services are looking for something different many of them have heard about America and the American way of life many of these women are also aware that poverty exists in North America as well but they take the chance because they’re looking for true love. It should also be noted that foreign women will turn down a foreign man if they don’t feel he is a good match for them divorces do happen also so any thoughts of exploitation should be removed from the mail order bride equation.

Is everything going to be perfect when it comes to mail order bride services probably not but what is perfect we are all on this planet for a short period of time some people want to find love others want to pursue other things as long as nothing illegal is going on I think using a mail order bride service is okay and again if you look into it if many American women felt safe dating outside their country I’m pretty sure they would. Love has nothing to do with money a lot of people confuse capitalism with finding true love to some people finding love is a lot more important than pursuing wealth dreams. Before you cast judgment about anything put yourself in the persons shows think about their entire experience and also remember that even you did not have the perfect life.

Something else to consider is a lot of women using mail order bride services are single mothers, which could mean they are tired of dating men in their own country the same thing happens in North America there are lots of single mother is North America who can’t find a man that they match well with and again I’m sure if North American women felt as though they had other options available to them they would take advantage of them. In a way mail order brides is a way of the future as the world gets better I expect a lot of men and women will consider dating globally.

Calling mail order brides exploitation is basically saying that grown women are incapable of thinking for themselves and that’s something I completely disagree with!