legit or scam? review

Sunday, November 24, 2013 legit or scam? review is not an actual dating website and he one it’s currently promoting is a scam I wrote about these free fuckbook sites already they all suck stay a way from them looks like a scam and I don’t think it’s legit I already did a review of the site it’s trying to get you to join and I said it’s bullshit so stay away.

Web cam sites namely Jasmin is better than all the rest, bitches are horny and if you’re smart you find some nice ones and develop a friendship with them so things can go further. The good thing with Jasmin is you don’t have to make a real relationship with these bitches because they’re ready to fuck all you have to be is smart and sign up don’t be a stupid free idiot you’ll never go anywhere with the hot girls if you don’t register an account. People keep join Jasmin because if used correctly it really is the best web cam site online.  is not worth the time or the money and it’s not free so don’t be fooled.

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