katelin-arevalo.biz SPAM!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

katelin-arevalo.biz SPAM!

There’s another spammer to report on this time the spammer is using the katelin-arevalo.biz domain name. Currently the katelin-arevalo.biz domain name is being forwarded to cougarcrush.com. If you read a legit review or reviews regarding cougarcrush.com it’s easy to see that it’s a scam. It’s also easy to see that cougarcrush.com is affiliated with entities who send spam email messages. If you’re looking for a legit adult sex dating website AdultFriendFinder is the only sex dating website I’ve joined that works which is why I’ve been member of AdultFriendFinder for more than a year now. The email address of the spammer that messaged me was:


★ Katelin Arevalo ★ katelin_arevalo @katelin-arevalo.biz

The subject of the katelin_arevalo @katelin-arevalo.biz spam email message sent to me stated the following:

This is Katelin. I’m in town. SHALL WE MEET?‏

The actual spam email message sent to me from katelin_arevalo @katelin-arevalo.biz contained a spammy link which for obvious reasons I didn’t include when publishing this blog post. The remainder of the katelin_arevalo @katelin-arevalo.biz spam email messages sent to me stated the following:

I am back in town. Remember me? katelin-arevalo.biz/

After reading this blog post I hope you can see that cougarcrush.com and katelin-arevalo.biz/ are nothing more than spammers and scammers. If you’re looking for legit live webcam sex chat Jasmin live is the best amateur webcam community plus members don’t have to worry because they won’t spam you, sell your email address or scam you!

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