JustFuckNow.com scam or legit? – JustFuckNow.com Review

Saturday, July 13, 2013

JustFuckNow.com scam or legit? – JustFuckNow.com Review

Any real review of JustFuckNow.com would tell you that this is a scam but better yet it’s more like promotion for another one of those adult dating scams that are populating the internet right now. Words like “We have 39 female members within 10 miles of YOUR COMPUTERS IP ADDRESS” Should tell you that JustFuckNow.com is not legit actually like many sites similar to it it’s primary goal is to get you to a scam dating websites.

In the world of sex dating there is only one legit site which is owned by Penthouse and that site is the Friend Finder Network. Being that they have the backing of Penthouse they’re able to attract both women and men scam dating websites like the ones JustFuckNow.com is promoting have mostly men on them and the little women they do have on them are being paid to chat with with. The Friend Finder Network isn’t that innocent either around 60 – 65% of their members are males and the other percentage are females and then of-course you have to factor in the men pretending to women. I’ve used Friend Finder Network it works but you really have to bring it and whatever hore you might get out it more than likely will want to fuck but I warn you it is competitive.

I would not call JustFuckNow legit if you review their page it’s clear from my angle that their process or reviews stink the site their promoting I recommend reading the privacy and the terms before handing them your credit card. They’re straight bullshit if you ask me.

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