– Legit or Scam?

Saturday, May 26, 2012 – Legit or Scam? is completely legit and quite possibly one of the best live chats online, I wouldn’t call it number one but it’s definitely one of the best live chats on the internet. The only downside in my opinion about is that you have to sign up before you begin chatting. I prefer the motto try before you buy and I like the idea of the models going private in the middle of free chat session because it gives the customer the incentive to sign up as opposed to forcing the person to sign up.

What I think about

Personally I think it’s a great site that will age like a fine wine many of the women there are beautiful and there are plenty of women there to choose from, most of the people that use their service are satisfied and their customer support to date has been excellent. There are also a lot of opportunities that exist at and if you take the time to browse through their website you’ll soon realize why remains in a class of its own. There are opportunities for both models and even customers which is sign of a very prosperous enterprise.

The final word on

I think it’s legit there is no element about it that is a scam the only con I can find about them is that they only registered members can write text. That being said this might only be annoying to me other people might not be bothered by this. If you’re interested I say give a try. If you’re looking for an alternative you might want to try what I consider to be currently the best live chat site online.

Live Jasmine in my personal opinion is the best live adult chat site online, It’s massive and when you join it’s easy to see why Live Jasmine is the largest of it’s kind online. What’s great about Live Jasmine is you can chat with models without even having to enter any information you should try this if you haven’t yet plus their private feature is in my opinion the best online experience their live chat!


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