How to make women like you

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to make women like you

If you want women or people for that matter like you have to learn to be likable and the way you become likable is to play the part. You must play the part of the seducer and in order to seduce you must look and sound the same. The way you act should reflect the way you dress and the way you look, don’t fooled into believing that you have to be the best looking, the tallest, the smartest or the funniest in order to get women to notice you. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you are you and by that mean you must be you and go all the way.

Doing anything with Half a Heart Digs the Deeper Grave

Win lose or draw practice going all the way now don’t confuse this with putting your life on the line for dumb reasons what I mean is if you’re faced with an opportunity with a woman give it your all when I say this I don’t mean to try to get a woman’s phone number right away forget all of that foolishness get her to like you by showing her who you are don’t try and prove to her that you’re better than she is prove to her that you got balls show her that you’re the man and ruler of your own world.

If you want her to like you, you have to find out the type of person she is

If you’re reading this and unsure about what career to get into I recommend getting into sales. People in general want to be entertained but generally they don’t want to be entertained by clowns people like to be entertained by people who appear to be regular people salesmen are generally entertainers when prospects are sold on the sales person they generally buy in. Women need to buy into you before they’ll like you, be a pleasure to be around and talk to as many women as possible the more women you talk to the more confident you get which will enable more women to like you because not only will you be popular but your aura will radiate outward which will make others more interested in you without you even having to anything. It’s really that simple don’t make things more complicated than they need to be.

1.) Find your inner stud by discovering who you really are

2.) Talk to as many people as you possibly can to spread your name

3.)  Be consistent make friends and the women will eventually start coming to you

Women will like you if you give the opportunity to know the real you be like the professional salesman stand out be a cool person and stick to this character keep expanding don’t get comfortable with only having a few friends meet as many people as you possibly can that can help you meet more women!

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