Is a Scam?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is a Scam?

I like how when you visit sites like they make it seem like they have this big secret that nobody knows about. Give people rules to abide by and other stupid stuff like that. Look in my opinion all these adult dating websites suck. Are some of them legit? Yea sure they are but most of them are full of men and in most instances the men out number women. Another thing I’m going to mention is most of these sites use web cam models and fake profiles.

This makes me say to myself what’s the point I’m not going to call a scam I’m sure you can figure things out for yourself what I’m going to tell you is after you sign up for some adult dating websites you’re going to see eventually see why smart guys stick with Live Jasmine. If you didn’t know Live Jasmine is the largest adult web community on the internet. Young models, adult actors and actresses and upcoming adult entertainers all use Live Jasmine giving you the chances to know them first.

Live Jasmine is 100% free to use and you only have to pay if you go private with a model. This is why smart people use it if you ever wondered why some people get lucky in adult entertainment and others don’t check out Live Jasmine. has nothing that interests me I find it to be a waste of time.

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