Is a Scam?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 scam? scam?

Is a Scam?

Personally I think signing up is waste of time I also think adult internet dating is a complete waste of time because of most of the legit female users that use these types of website are adult web cam models. Furthermore if you read the terms and conditions of these adult dating websites you’ll notice that little can be done to stop fake profiles from being created which tells me everything I need to know adult internet dating. If hookup bbw is legit or if it is a scam really doesn’t matter the only thing that does matter from my view point is that fake profiles can be created.


Something else I want to put out there is that I’ve tried quite a few dating websites including sex dating websites and the only one I know personally works because it worked for me was AdultFriendFinder. I’m still currently a member of AdultFriendFinder and have been for 8+ months now I’ve been getting on going success for the past several months now and as long as I continue to get success from AdultFriendFinder I’ll continue to recommend them.

With that said based on my success there is no way I could EVER call AdultFriendFinder a scam, BBw’s are welcome to join actually there’s quite a few BBW’s there and of course all women and men that are legal age can join AdultFriendFinder they don’t discriminate and there’s over 40+ million users worldwide I know some of you reading this are probably members already but I wanted to add that AdultFriendFinder is the best adult sex dating website ever!

I wouldn’t waste my money on a site like I wouldn’t call it a scam but I will call it a waste of money web cam sites like Live Jasmine are far better and more upfront the only time you pay is if you go private. As a matter a fact you don’t have to sign up until you go private.

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