How to get a girl you like to notice you

Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to get a girl you like to notice you

If you want to get a woman you like to notice you, you first need to develop a consistent personality if this woman or girl you like is around you all the time the way to get her to notice you is to be consistent with something when you’re consistent with something you’ll become confident at it which will radiate to everyone around you that you’re the person to go to when they have this or that problem.

Who are you really?

Women in general just want to know who you are and when I say women want to know who you are I mean they just want to know if you’re true to yourself. In reality everyone in secular society is like this we all to a degree think we have control over others and when we learn that don’t the challenge for us begins when you get really good or consistent at something relevant one way or another people will find their way to you and it’s at this point where it’s your job to be ready.

Embrace what some consider failure

If you have one target use others to get what you want if you want a girl to notice you better be ready when she does the way to be ready is to practice on others. Practice what you will say and how you will act when you finally get to meet that lady you want so desperately. Free spirited people win every time if you want one girl try to develop relationships with the people around her the key thing is not be shy even if you have to start from the bottom do it all people that achieved something great started at the bottom the challenge for you at this point is to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing embrace what others might consider failure to bring yourself up always remember that nature roots for the underdog and the more people you know the more powerful you get so start small and work your way up.

One big thing is when you finally get the chance to speak with the girl you like try your best not to talk or brag about yourself try to get to know her without asking too many questions! You know how to get her to notice you so just do it already if she’s really worth it you have nothing to lose! Do what is necessary to get her to notice you and make sure you’re prepared when she does notice you. You mind state should always be that she will eventually notice me!

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